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The Fishers Nonprofit Grant Committee oversees the Nonprofit Grant Program, which grants funding to local organizations that create a sense of place, public interaction, or additional educational opportunities for Fishers residents. 

Fishers Nonprofit Grant Eligibility

  • Applying organization must be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit or have a fiscal sponsor
  • Organization must be located in Fishers or serve Fishers residents
  • Priority will be given to organizations that make a large impact on Fishers residents
  • Learn more about grant guidelines.

2024 grant applications are due April 26. Apply here.

Grant Criteria

  • Proven Success: Organization measures and tracks outcomes and has a record of achieving goals. 
  • Organizational Strength: Organization demonstrates fiscal responsibility and has proper staff and board oversight.  
  • Cooperation & Collaboration: Organization uses innovative approaches to solve pressing issues in Fishers while collaborating with partners to best leverage efforts and reduce duplication of services. 
  • Reliability: Organization has the resources and plans available to maintain the work after the grant period ends. 
  • Local Support: Organization’s beneficiaries are primarily located in Fishers. 
  • Grant project funding may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project or event. If the funding from Fishers and the portion provided for by the receiving applicant is not sufficient to complete the project, then the receiving applicant is responsible for raising the difference. The intent of this grant is not to completely fund projects, but to assist with as many projects and events as possible throughout the community. 

City of Fishers nonprofit grants will NOT support:

  • Capital requests
  • Grants to individuals
  • Organizations or projects that discriminate based upon race, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation
  • Political campaigns or direct lobbying efforts by 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Post-event or debt retirement
  • Projects aimed at promoting a particular religion

Grant Policy

  • Applicants need to have and provide proof of an Internal Revenue Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. 
  • Only Organizations located in Fishers or projects or events held by Organizations which are expected to have a large positive impact on Fishers residents and community will be considered. 
  • The Organization cannot be a recipient of another City of Fishers grant or contribution (i.e. Fishers Police Foundation, Fishers Firefighters Foundation, etc). 
  • The maximum grant amount is One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00). 
  • The grant is a matching grant and will require that the Organization participate in a portion of the project funding. The amount awarded will be paid directly to the applicant. 
  • Depending on grant amount and/or percentage of the total project or event budget that is provided by the grant, a board appointment for one City Council member may be required. 
  • Organization should establish need for grant for the project or event. 
  • Accounting will need to be provided by the Organization to City Council Non-Profit Committee of the Organization’s expenditure of grant proceeds. 
  • Organization should demonstrate financial responsibility and management qualifications. 
  • Organization should provide evidence of the commitment, capacity and ability of the Organization to carry out the project or event. 
  • Organization should allow the Fishers logo to appear on the project or event marketing materials. 
  • Organization cannot employ, contract or otherwise compensate a City employee or official from its budget. City employees or officials may be volunteers for the Organization. 
  • Grants are made with the understanding that Fishers is in no way obligated to provide further financial assistance to ensure that a project is completed. 
  • Grant recipients will be required to sign a Contribution Agreement with the City. 


  • April 24: Applications close 
  • Week of April 29: Committee Review
  • May 20: Present to City Council
  • May 28: Board of Public Works and Safety approval 

2023 Nonprofit Grant Recipients

The following organizations were awarded grants following an application and review process by the Nonprofit Grant Committee:

  • Cherish: $20,000
  • Conner Prairie: $80,000
  • Janus Developmental Services: $10,000
  • Outside the Box: $15,000
  • Prevail: $15,000
  • Recovery Café Hamilton County: $10,000
  • Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County: $10,000
  • Youth Mentoring Initiative: $50,000

Additionally, Fishers Youth Assistance Program received $40,000 as part of the City’s interlocal agreement with Hamilton County.


Please reach out to Ashley Elrod, Community and Public Relations Director, by email.