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Geist Half Marathon Ambassador, Evan Taylor, Talks Black Men Run Experience

According to, 44.4% of African American males over the age of 20 suffer from cardiovascular disease. Statistics like this motivated Geist Half Marathon Ambassador and Black Men Run member Evan M. Taylor to take up running. Taylor has been running since the summer of 2020 and though an experienced runner, this is his first time running the Geist Half Marathon. 

What inspired you to join Black Men Run? 

“Since my running journey began during the beginning of COVID, I reached out to join Black Men Run. I was looking for a community that I could run with and one that would keep me motivated to keep running.” 

Taylor expressed his desire to have teamwork and a community in running, mirroring sports he had previously played, like basketball. He believes running teams can build bonds just like this. 

“A running team, particularly Black Men Run, is an organization rooted in the importance of the health and well-being of Black men in the United States and abroad. The statistics show that Black men are impacted by various health ailments. We know that by running and engaging in a healthy lifestyle, we can prolong our lives. With the birth of my son and desire for a long life, I was inspired to join this running brotherhood.” 

Can you share a memorable moment or achievement you’ve had while being a part of Black Men Run? 

“A memorable moment for me was in 2021, when I ran with the Black Men Run Indianapolis Chapter in the Endurance Run at Butler University. This was my first relay-run and most of my training and running had been for solo events.” 

Taylor goes on to share how this experience made him feel like part of a running community. 

“Sitting with members of Black Men Run in the tent waiting for our respective turns to run and just talking and eating snacks was a great time. I enjoyed joking with members as we lovingly critiqued their times and offered them strategies to improve their time and recommended different routes for them to take.” 

“The most memorable part of the day is a photo that was taken at the very end when I crossed the finish line for the very last time. Members of the team joined me in crossing the line victoriously. Even though we placed second overall, it was a first-place memory and achievement for the group.” 

What advice would you give someone new to running or considering joining a running group such as Black Men Run? 

“I recommend anyone looking to start running to join a running group, because running in a community has definite benefits and makes the runs much easier. A community built around running will have members willing to slow their pace and walk with you or ask about the important things, like your week, goals in life, or check in on your children.” 

Running aside, he also values the opportunity to spend time with people who have become close friends. 

“After COVID, running groups can help us rebuild human connections. We can forget the need for human connection and touch as we grow enthralled with our ability to connect digitally. However, the like button will never replace the feeling of a high five, a motivational pat on the back or an embrace from fellow members after a challenging week. Seek out a running group that is a community first, runners second.” 

“A true running community is not solely about first place finishes and medals, it’s about healthy community and connection.” 

How can other runners/walkers can join this group? 

“If you would like to join us on a run, we meet on Saturdays in the parking lot of the Fort Benjamin Harrison YMCA at 8 a.m. Feel free to show up a little late, because we will be talking and catching up for the first twenty minutes!” 

Join Evan M. Taylor in running the Geist Half Marathon! Whether you’re looking to get involved with running or a seasoned pro, the 5k, 10k or half marathon leaves options for all. The race returns for its 16th year on September 14, 2024. For more information and to register, visit