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City Departments

At the heart of Fishers, our diverse city departments work to provide you with exceptional services and foster a thriving community. Explore our departments dedicated to enhancing quality of life:

Executive & Legislative Offices

City Council

Every four years, residents of Fishers elect a mayor, a nine-member city council, and a city clerk. The Mayor holds the executive powers for the city and the city council holds the legislative powers. The city clerk is the clerk of the council and maintains all records required by law.

Six councilors are elected to represent their districts and three are elected “at-large,” which means all Fishers residents vote on those three councilors. The City Council elects a council president and vice-president each year.

city councilors


At the heart of Fishers, our dedicated administration team ensures the smooth operation of our vibrant city. Whether you’re a resident, business owner, or visitor, our commitment to transparency and accessibility shines through our comprehensive services: