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Empowering HSE School District Educators with the resources to fuel innovation in the classroom. 

The City of Fishers 2024 Budget allocates $500,000 to a grant program for educators within the HSE School District to bring innovative learning to the classroom. 

Grant Purpose

To empower educators with the resources to bring innovation to the classroom and inspire students to rethink learning. 

Innovation in the classroom refers to students meeting an educational standard in a way not experienced before with a long-term aim of inspiring students to rethink learning. 

Grant & Project Criteria

  • Grant application now open – apply here
  • Fixed Price Awards (i.e., lump sum grant) 
  • Awards Available to Active Educators within the HSE School System 

Projects Should: 

  • Be Approved by Individual School, Administration, IT, Facilities, and any other School Stakeholders 
  • Innovate Teacher Learning, to Enhance Student Learning 
  • Become Sustainable without Additional Funding Needed 
  • Have Ability to be Replicated within a Grade-Level or Discipline 
  • Have an Identifiable Long-Term Impact on Students within a Grade Level or Discipline 

Program Details

  • Rolling Applications (i.e. applications will be reviewed as they are submitted, throughout the year)  
  • No Funding Cap  
  • Grants to be Awarded by Selection Committee (Selection committee comprised of educators, community entrepreneurs and HSE alumni )
  • Download the printable flyer.

Eligible & Ineligible Projects

  • YES to Professional Development and Externship Opportunities for Educators* 
  • YES to Technologies to Improve or Expand Curriculum for Students and Reshape Learning 
  • YES to Project-Based Learning Opportunities In & Out of Classroom 
  • NO to Funding Existing Projects or Initiatives 
  • NO to Incentive Awards for Classrooms (i.e., pizza party, awards for milestones, etc.) 
  • NO to Classroom Consumables (i.e., school supplies, classroom supplies) 
  • NO to Classroom Libraries 

*Assuming professional development or experience will directly translate to a specific classroom project or student learning experience