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Embracing Sustainability: Fishers’ Commitment to Urban Greenery, Eco-Friendly Programs, Community Recycling Efforts & More

Group of three people planting a tree

Urban Forestry & Planting Guide

The city’s Urban Forestry and Planting Guide is an intra-departmental effort between the Department of Planning & Zoning, Fishers Department of Public Works, and Fishers Parks.


Tree City USA

The City of Fishers has been awarded Tree City USA designation from the National Arbor Day Foundation annually since 2007. This designation is bestowed upon cities that continue the enhancement of the natural environment and practice sound urban forestry management.


Stormwater Management

Rainwater that falls on streets, parking lots, rooftops, and lawns often becomes polluted by automotive fluids, household chemicals, eroded soils, and lawn fertilizers before it enters the city’s storm sewer system. The Stormwater Management program helps educate the community about stormwater quality, clean up areas around streams and rivers, and Identify sources of pollution.

fishers ewg logo

Environmental Working Group

The Fishers Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a group of governmental department representatives and non-governmental stakeholders all working together to help the City of Fishers be more prepared for the impacts of climate change.

splash pad

Water, Splash Pads & Turf Management

To increase water quality and reduce chemical usage, Fishers Department of Public Works created self-sustaining, eco-friendly ponds at Cyntheanne Park and the Nickel Plate District AMP that include underwater aeration systems, fisheries, and aquatic shoreline plantings. These elements supply better quality water to sports fields and turf, producing deeper, healthier root systems and thicker, more lush turf quality.

Splash pads at Holland Park and Billericay Park and the fountain at the Pavilion at the Nickel Plate District AMP are eco-friendly, as well, utilizing a water recycling system that saves the city and environment approximately 100,000 gallons of water a day.

Fishers DPW also has a turf management policy in which they switched fertilizer to use a product that sprays microorganisms into the turf that secrete positive nutrients into the soil, thus fertilizing the grass.

Sustainability: Ways to Get Involved

group of people helping at city recycling event

City Recycling Day

The City of Fishers hosts bi-annual, free City Recycling Days in the spring and fall at Billericay Park. At these events, Fishers residents can recycle household electronic or metal items (mowers, treadmills, bikes, grills, batteries, etc.) and household hazardous wastes (paints, pesticides, PCB ballasts, auto fluids, etc.). Learn more.

rain garden

Fishers Rain Garden Steward Program

The Fishers Rain Garden Steward program encourages the community to get involved in caring for Fishers parks and greenways to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources. Rain Garden Stewards help maintain adopted rain garden areas for a minimum of one time per month for one year.

Fishers Park Steward Programs

Fishers Park Stewards help to ensure our parks are clean, welcoming, and thriving ecosystems for our community to enjoy through trash cleanup, trail maintenance, invasive species removal, and reporting vandalism or park damage.

Geist Cleanup Steward Program

Do your part by becoming a Geist Reservoir Cleanup Steward and help minimize downstream pollution. This is an on-demand cleanup program to remove trash from Geist Reservoir. 

White River Cleanup Steward Program

Plastic in our waterways can get entangled with wildlife, or can sometimes look like food to them. Do your part by becoming a White River Cleanup Steward and help minimize downstream pollution.

Rain barrel connected outside of home

Free Rain Barrel & Composting Tumbler Pledge

Fishers Stormwater Division offers residents a free rain barrel when you take this pledge.

Residents can also receive a free composting tumbler after taking this pledge. Supplies are limited and first come, first served.


Neighborhood & Stormwater Grants

The City of Fishers offers a Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant to support neighborhoods in our community. Fishers also accepts applications for its Stormwater Grant, which awards funds to neighborhoods, non-profits, and homeowners within city limits as an incentive to improve local water quality and/or drainage function.

close up shot of a shovel in the ground

Fishers Parks Composting Program

Residents can get one free 3-gallon composting bin with 10 compostable liners and drop off their compost at the Fishers AgriPark. No additional compost beyond 3 gallons is available at this time. Compost drop-off is only available during scheduled times.

boy and dad planting flowers

Neighborhood Cleanup Kits

Fishers neighborhoods can beautify their common spaces and facades with the Neighborhood Cleanup Kit program, which offers cleanup supplies and the use of a 20-yard dumpster, free of charge. HOA representatives can complete an application here.