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Ordinance Enforcement

This unit of the City of Fishers enforces the ordinances by acting on received complaints, researching the issues, and communicating with the involved parties thereby bringing closure to concerns or violations addressed. Zoning Code Enforcement personnel either self-observe or receive complaints from the public.

Upon observing a violation, the officer documents by visual observation, written report and photographic evidence. The property owner is notified of the violation with either a knock on the door or a friendly letter advising the property owner of the violation and educating them on the ordinance in which a violation has been identified. The property owner is advised:

  • The nature of the violation
  • How to correct the violation
  • Time frame to correct the violation
  • The enforcement avenue that will be taken if the violation is not corrected

Anyone concerned about a possible infraction may complete the Report a Property Code Violation form.

The citizens and business owners of Fishers make investments in their properties and neighborhoods. When the integrity of a particular area is jeopardized due to violations, those investments are also at risk.

Common Issues

Examples of issues that Code Enforcement deals with most often are :

  • Signage
  • Trash and debris
  • Home occupations
  • Non-permitted uses
  • Setbacks
  • Parking standards
  • Temporary uses
  • Trailer, boat, camper, and RV parking and storage