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The City of Fishers has a very active and involved neighborhood associations program.

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February 2024 HOA Workshop Info

Spring 2024 HOA Workshop Presentation
Fishers HOA Guide
HOA Alliance Information
FAQ on Engagement & Outreach in Your Neighborhood
FAQ on Parking in Fishers
Open Burning in Neighborhoods
Communicating with Language Barriers: Propio Language Services
Fishers Health Department: Applying for Permits & Vital Records
Fishers Fall Prevention Program
Mental Health Toolkits & Stigma Free Fishers Resources
How to Apply for a Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant (Additional Info in Resources)
Tree Pruning Tips
2024 Fishers New Resident Relocation Guide: Be sure to share Fishers Magazine’s annual Relocation Guide, full of resources and info for any new neighbors moving into your neighborhood.
2024 Cul-De-Sac Drills

MetroNet Construction Info

Construction FAQ
Construction Newsletter
Letter to residents

HOA Voting Ordinance

A virtual town hall was held on Staff held on March 27, 2023 to discuss an ordinance to establish voting requirements for new HOAs. Watch the video.

Institutional Investment Rentals

Institutional investment firms have dramatically changed the single-family home real estate market in recent years. Mayor Scott Fadness hosted a Twilight Town Hall to address this issue in May 2022. Resources for HOA leaders, residents, and stakeholders can be accessed below.

Construction in Your Neighborhood

For those interested in staying informed about construction in or around Fishers, we encourage you to visit the City of Fishers Engineering page and explore Construction Projects and Updates page and the Capital Projects Dashboard. These resources provide detailed information on ongoing and upcoming projects in our community. Stay updated and get involved in our city’s development!

Code Compliance & Enforcement

More information coming soon! In the meantime, please visit our Zoning Code Enforcement page.

Neighborhood Resources

Flock Safety
The Fishers Police Department is partnering with business owners, homeowners’ associations and community members to reduce crime, protect property, and increase public safety through an innovative, solar-powered, infrastructure-free License Plate Reader (LPR) operating system called Flock Safety. If you are interested in learning more from a Flock representative or Fishers Police Officer, please complete this form. You can also learn more at visit

3 Ways Flock Safety Can Protect Your Property

5G in Fishers
5G Cell Tower/Fiber Deployment

Sustainability Initiatives
Curious about sustainable living in Fishers? Discover how to shrink your carbon footprint, save resources, and cultivate a greener home environment. From snagging a complimentary rain barrel or compost tumbler to embracing roles like storm drain adoption or rain garden stewardship, there are myriad ways to contribute. Dive deeper into Fishers’ sustainability efforts at

Fishers Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant
Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Round 3 Applications Due July 31. Homeowners’ associations or neighborhood groups can apply for Neighborhood Vibrancy Grants to fund various projects, from entrance landscaping and greenspace preservation to creating community spaces within residential areas, community gardens, playgrounds, and more.  The next deadline to apply for the 2024 grant is April 30. Learn more at The remaining grant deadlines to apply for the 2024 grant are July 31 and October 31.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?
Since 1996, flooding has affected 99% of U.S. counties, bringing significant damage and financial costs to homeowners and businesses. When a flood hits, be ready with flood insurance. Find out more at

Renting Out Your Pool This Summer?
Looking to earn some extra cash this summer by renting out your pool? Check out the Swimply app! It’s a fantastic opportunity to turn your pool into a source of income. However, remember that by renting out your pool, it qualifies as a public pool. This means you’ll need to ensure it meets safety standards and undergo inspection and permitting. For more information on pool inspections and permitting check out the Fishers Health Department page here.

Vacation Watch
Heading out of town? Our dedicated officers will keep a watchful eye on your property while you’re away. Just complete this form with the info they need.