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Road Notice Updates for the Week of July 22

Projects North of 116th Street

126th Street and Southeastern Parkway Roundabout

Effective May 30, 2024 a full road closure will be in effect for 60 days to allow for road reconstruction. A single-lane roundabout at 126th Street and Southeastern Parkway is currently in the design phase to replace the current 126th Street stop condition. The new roundabout will also include a connection for the future development of Hunters Run. The project will rehabilitate or reconstruct the pavement, add curb and gutter with storm sewers, and multi-use paths and/or bicycle lanes. Click here to view a detour route map and for more information visit our Capital Projects Dashboard.

2024 Road Resurface Project

The contractor is continuing work in the Fox Run, Hillsborough, Quaker Ridge, and Walnut Creek neighborhoods as well as in the entrance to Tremont drive. Note that in Walnut Creek there is no thru traffic on Fortune Drive at this time. There will be road resurfacing at the following locations on the week of July 22:

  • Walnut Creek on Fortune Drive between Andrews place and Cumberland Road.
  • 131st and Promise Road

We are asking residents to refrain from parking vehicles on the street during active construction operations. Homeowners will be notified via door hangers prior to any curb reconstruction near their home. After ADA ramp and curb reconstruction is completed, those areas will be restored with topsoil and seed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to water the seed for the seed to germinate. Prior to road resurfacing, residents will be notified via street signage for street parking restrictions. For additional project information, view the Capital Project Dashboard here.

Roadways and neighborhoods are prioritized based on the PASER rating condition of their pavement. You can see a map here.

View image below of road construction on Fortune Drive (taken July 18)

Barrett Law – Road Resurfacing


Work on Barrett East is substantially complete. See a map here.

Road Reconstruction for Britton Park Road & Fishers Trade Center

Road Construction Update: Trade Center Dr and Britton Park North are now open to traffic with flaggers on site, in preparation for road construction on SR37 and 141st Street.

Paving operations are underway on Friday July 19 and 20. See asphalt going down on Trade Center Drive (taken July 19)

146th Street & Allisonville Road – Hamilton County Project 

As of Sunday, June 9th Allisonville Road is open at the intersection. Bridge crews are continuing work on the widening of the eastbound bridge over the White River. The contractor is continuing to work on storm sewer installation, subgrade preparation, and paving operations. The contractor will begin working within existing pavement areas after the new traffic pattern is implemented. Construction vehicles will be entering and exiting from this work area, so please be vigilant when driving through the construction zone.

The contractor will occasionally utilize a lane restriction for the delivery of materials in the work area . These lane restrictions will take place in the left-hand westbound of 146th Street.

 For additional project information, visit the 146th Street & Allisonville Rd. Project Page

141st Street & Promise Road Roundabout – Hamilton County Project – UPDATE

The City of Noblesville has closed the intersection of 141st St and Promise Rd to construct a roundabout as of Monday, June 17th. This closure will last approximately 60 days. The detour route signage will be in place prior to the closure. For your safety, please do not enter the construction zone. There could be open trenches or other obstacles that are unsafe. View a map of the roundabout here.

For additional project information, visit the 141st Street and Promise Road Roundabout Project Page.

State Road 37 Improvement Project 

State Road 37 and 141st Street

The final interchange of the State Road 37 Improvement Project will officially begin construction at 141st St. and State Road 37 this summer.   One important note: To ease the construction burden in the area, the work will not begin until Hamilton County’s 146th St. closure at Allisonville re-opens. The full timeline for the 141st Street interchange will be provided after project bids are accepted in the Spring 2024. View detour routes here

To learn more about the State Road 37 Improvement Project and sign up to receive text updates, visit

SR 37 & 141st Street Roadwork Update *UPDATE*

As of June 5th, preliminary construction work has begun at SR37 & 141st Street.  During this time pavement markings and concrete barriers will be placed.  There will be no closures during this phase, only intermittent lane restrictions during the hours of 9AM-3PM.  

Please note the continued lane restrictions on SR37 North and South, approaching the 141st St. Interchange.  

On/After July 22nd, the westside of 141st St. at SR37 will close for this phase of construction.  Traffic will transition to the eastside, with SR37 north and southbound lanes remaining open.  This closure will remain in place throughout 2024.  Please review detour routes to plan ahead during this time.  Thank you for your continued patience and remember to drive cautiously and safely through construction areas.  

Find construction updates at and follow DriveFishers on X as work progresses. 

What to expect this summer

The interim traffic configuration that has been in place will be adjusted to accommodate temporary pavement construction leading up to the next phase of construction. The next phase will be construction on the west side of 141st.  During this time, all traffic will be moved to the east side, with north and south bound lanes open at all times on SR37 (intermittent restrictions will be communicated). All construction updates will be posted to DriveFishers on X(Twitter) and 37Thrives on Facebook.  Please visit to sign-up for email updates. 

Remember, when using the merge lane on the west side of SR37 to:

  • Use the accel lane to gain speed, not stop
  • Use your mirrors and pay attention
  • Look for a gap in SR 37 traffic and safely merge.

Sidewalk Improvement Project

Restoration is ongoing in Saxony, and is upcoming in Britton Ridge Neighborhood. The sidewalk work will consist of removal and replacement of sidewalk panels which pose a toe kick trip hazard. Sidewalk within driveways is not included in the scope of this project. 

Projects South of 116th Street

106th Street and Cumberland Road

Later in July there will be lane restrictions at 106th Street and Cumberland Road while Verizon contractors install underground facilities.  Lane restrictions will be in place between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm.

96th Street Beautification

The contractor will be conducting paving operations on North by Northeast to Kincaid Drive and 96th Street on July 19 and 20. This project consists of decorative streetlights being installed along 96th Street from North by Northeast Blvd to Cumberland Road. New medians will also be installed along North by Northeast Blvd and Kincaid Blvd with streetlights. Watch out for lane restrictions on North by Northeast from 9am-3pm. For more details visit our Capital Projects Dashboard here.

ROAD CLOSURE – 96th Street and Allisonville Road Intersection – *Traffic Pattern Change*

Heading into Phase 3

On the week of July 1, traffic was moved into phase 3A during which there will be a slight shift in traffic to allow the contractor to build the future driveway for the Circle K gas station. This gas station will still be accessible from 96th Street and Allisonville Road.

On or after July 22nd, the contractor will move into phase 3B, traffic will shift from the east side of Allisonville to the west and will continue to flow North and South. At this time the driveway for Circle K constructed in phase 3A will be accessible.

On April 1st, construction began on the 96th St. & Allisonville Rd. Roundabout Project.  This project aims to enhance connectivity along this stretch of the Allisonville Corridor. The existing Michigan Left intersection was eliminated and transitioned to a two-lane roundabout adjacent to the new River Place development. This project is slated to be completed at the end of the year, with minor enhancements completed in the Spring of 2025. You can view a close up map of what the roundabout will look like after April 9 here

Here’s what to expect:

  • Closures – After April 9, 2024
  • 96th Street is closed from Allisonville Road to Hazel Dell Pkwy.
  • Southbound traffic cannot turn left onto 96th St from Allisonville Rd.
  • Allisonville Rd is open to one lane at 96th Street for North and Southbound traffic.
  • All access to local businesses remains open.
  • See suggested detour maps at 96th & Allisonville Rd Roundabout

We are in constant communication with the County on our traffic signals along 116th Street and working towards accomodating the increased traffic due to this detour. We are aware of the increased volumes due to this project and neighboring ones as well. 

ROAD CLOSURE – Bridge 187 (106th Street over Mud Creek) – Hamilton County Project

Please be advised, 106th Street between Cumberland Road and Hamilton Pass has been closed to all thru traffic for a bridge replacement project. The anticipated roadway reopening date is Friday, October 18, 2024. Local traffic will continue to have access to their homes, while thru traffic is asked to utilize the posted detour route of Cumberland Road, 96th Street, and Mollenkopf Road. For more details visit the Hamilton County page.

Heritage Park Bridge Trail Closure

The City of Fishers has partnered with the City of Carmel, Clay Township, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation , Hamilton County, and Delaware Township to connect Heritage Park at White River and Carmel’s Hazel Landing Park with a bridge over White River. This new amenity will provide enhanced connectivity between the two communities, as well as new recreational opportunities for our residents. To construct this bridge, the contractor will need to restrict access to a portion of Heritage Park’s loop trail that runs adjacent to the river through the woods beginning the week of March 4, click here for an ariel view. During this time, you’ll notice temporary construction fencing going up as we prepare for construction. Beginning the week of March 11, the contractor will work to clear the necessary trees between the park and river. Bridge construction will follow beginning in May. Construction is expected to occur Monday through Saturday beginning at 7 a.m. The bridge is expected to be complete in August 2025.

Clear Path Improvement Project 

I-465 & I-69  

Drivers will see an increase in construction along the I-69 corridor in the coming months. This work will focus on reconfiguring the interchange at I-465 and I-69. New ramps will provide direct movements from eastbound I-465 and northbound I-465 to northbound I-69. Binford Blvd. will also be reconstructed to separate local traffic from traffic entering and exiting I-69 and I-465. Access to I-69 from Binford Blvd. will remain open.

Long-Term Closures

  • Ramp from 56th Street to I-465
  • Ramp from Allisonville Road to I-465 eastbound
  • Ramp from northbound Binford Boulevard to I-465 westbound
  • 71st Street under I-465

82nd Street Ramps

  • Ramp from I-69 South to 82nd Street closed
  • Ramp from 82nd Street to I-69 South closed

82nd Street ramp to I-69 South lane restrictions

Temporary Express Lane

82nd Street Ramp to I-69 Northbound Now Open

I-69 Northbound to 82nd Street Ramp Closure

For detour routes and additional project information, visit