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The City Clerk is responsible for:  

  • Managing and securing city records.  
  • Conducting research and assisting others in obtaining information that supports public safety, and economic development.  
  • Maintaining city ordinances and the minutes of the City Council and other official bodies.  
  • Maintaining the Municipal Code.  
  • Securing the city seal.  
  • Maintaining records of ordinances and other legislation through the City Council, committees of the City Council, the Board of Public Works, the Board of Parks and Recreation, the Fire Merit Commission, the Fire Pension Board, the Police Merit Commission, and the Police Pension Board.  
  • Presenting ordinances, orders, and resolutions to the city executive under section 15 of chapter IC 36-4-6-9  
  • Administering oaths when necessary, taking depositions, taking acknowledgment of instruments that are required by statute to be acknowledged, without charging a fee.  
  • Serving as the clerk of the city court or appointing a clerk of the city court. 

Meet Jennifer Kehl, City Clerk

Jennifer Kehl became Fishers’ first City Clerk elected in 2014 and took office on January 1, 2015.

Before becoming City Clerk, Jennifer served as the Executive Director for the Fishers Freedom Festival. Jennifer held that position for 25 years. Jennifer has served her community for over 35 years volunteering for several not-for-profit organizations. 

Jennifer and her husband, George have two sons, Greg and Geoffrey. Jennifer has been a resident of Fishers since 1983.