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Local Business Spotlight: INCOG BioPharma Services

Fishers welcomed INCOG BioPharma Services in June 2020, which was founded by Cory Lewis, CEO and President, and Tedd Green, Co-Founder and COO. Having grown up just 15 miles away in Pendleton, Green had kept Fishers on his radar as a great home for the business. And once meeting Mayor Scott Fadness and Megan Baumgartner, Economic & Community Development Director, it allowed both of them to learn even more about the growing city. 

INCOG is a contract manufacturing organization that offers services to both early-phase and late-phase biopharmaceutical companies. INCOG doesn’t manufacture its own drugs, but instead works with pharmaceutical companies so that they can go build their own facility, or could partner with INCOG to be able to fill their drugs into vials, syringes and cartridges. 

Since day one, INCOG has thrived in Fishers’ environment which has allowed them access to great talent for the business, whether it be on the operations or engineering side. By selecting Fishers, INCOG benefits from an ecosystem that’s both business and employee-friendly. 

INCOG’s customers, who are pharmaceutical companies, come to Fishers sometimes for a day or a week. They’re traveling in from everywhere from Europe to the Asia Pacific, the east coast and west coast. INCOG’s cofounders say that when they arrive, their customers feel safe, and they have access to great hotels, restaurants and other leisure activities like Top Golf. 

“On a monthly basis, I’m talking to either Mayor Fadness or Megan to introduce other companies to them or am discussing where our next growth opportunity is on this footprint,” said Lewis.