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City of Fishers announces recipients of first cycle of expanded 2024 Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant 

The City of Fishers announced today the recipients for the first cycle of 2024 Neighborhood Vibrancy Grants, a grant program that provides funding for creative and innovative ideas that boost the vibrancy of Fishers neighborhoods. The first grant cycle of the year featured a record-high of 37 applicants and $399,638.40 in funding awarded to 28 neighborhoods. 

Applications for the grant program are accepted on a rolling basis with funds distributed quarterly, a change from previous years when grants were only administered annually in the spring. The expanded timeline encourages opportunities for year-round vibrancy efforts. Deadlines to apply for the remainder of the 2024 grants are April 30, July 31 and October 31. 

Under the leadership of Mayor Scott Fadness and the Fishers City Council, this year’s grant allocation also saw a significant jump from $100k in previous years to $750k for 2024. The City of Fishers now also funds 80% of the project cost up to $25,000, requiring participants to contribute just 20% of the total. This marks a substantial shift from the previous 50/50 split of funding. 

“In this year’s first quarter alone, we’ve seen an unprecedented level of community involvement and creativity through the Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Program,” said Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness. “This is a significant step toward realizing our collective vision of making Fishers an even more vibrant and engaging place to call home.” 

Grants can be used to fund a wide range of projects, from entrance landscaping and greenspace preservation to creating community spaces within residential areas. Community engagement initiatives, like community gardens, playgrounds, and communal gathering hubs, are also eligible for funding.   

In addition to beautification, residents and homeowner associations are encouraged to pursue sustainable initiatives and projects that support the environment and natural habitats. All funded projects featuring landscaping utilize native species. A dashboard of past projects is available at

Homeowners’ associations or neighborhood groups within the City’s limits are encouraged to submit applications for the next grant cycle by April 30 at  

Recipients of the first cycle of the 2024 Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Program include:  

  • Allison Place ($2,600) to repair and replace entrance walls.
  • Anchorage ($22,840) to install lighting due to lack of sidewalks and install native plant species.
  • Ashwood ($6,252.40) to enhance the entrance landscaping.
  • Belmont Place ($3,000) to repair and replace the entrance monument sign.
  • Berkley Ridge ($25,000) to replace an entrance sign and add new lighting and landscaping.
  • Bridgewater at Geist ($23,012) to install and enhance the entry way landscaping.
  • Britton Falls ($20,061) to beautify the Thorpe Creek pathway, including lawns to natural areas, and the installation of trees.
  • Britton Ridge ($25,000) to install erosion control along the north shore of the retention pond.
  • Cherry Hills Farms ($17,218) to replace two pond aerators from 2004.
  • Conner Creek ($23,430) to enhance amenities at the community pool area including fencing, lighting and landscaping.
  • Courtyard Lakes ($9,000) to replace shadowbox fencing from 1997 along the western property line.
  • Geist Overlook ($5,872) to install landscaping and lighting at the entrance.
  • Hanover on the Green ($21,800) to remove groundcover and replace with sod.
  • Harrison Lakes ($12,037) to remove and replace entrance landscaping and trees at the pond.
  • High Point Ridge ($6,600) to replace the public safety gate with bollards.
  • Lantern Ridge ($7,809.64) to install landscaping and lighting at the entrance.
  • Muir Woods ($9,440) to remove and replace non-native species with native species, including pear trees.
  • Overlook at Beaver Ridge ($18,380) to remove dead trees and make an entrance sign, add new landscaping and make sidewalk improvements.
  • Princeton Woods ($25,000) to install native landscaping within the landscape islands.
  • Sand Creek Woods ($25,000) to separate the irrigation system for the adjoining apartment complex, tuckpoint the entrance sign, and replace the path lights.
  • Stevenson Mill ($6,650.60) to make landscape improvements at the neighborhood entrance along Allisonville Road.
  • Tanglewood ($25,000) to install a new playground for 5 – 12-year-olds and replace playground border, mulch, benches and tables.
  • The Haven ($25,000) to renovate landscaping and irrigation at the front entrance.
  • Timberstone ($1,519.16) to enhance entrance and pond landscaping.
  • Villages at Geist ($11,865.60) to repair and replace the entrance sign with limestone.
  • Waterford Gardens ($5,505) to improve the entrance by removing a tree trunk and tree leaning on a wall, install a rock garden and reslope yards.
  • Weaver Woods ($7,435) to repair and replace walking paths.
  • Wintercove ($7,311) to install a fountain at the retention pond along Easy Street.