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About the Ordinance

Each year, Fishers receives an average of 250-300 complaints from neighbors and homeowners associations regarding high weed and grass violations. In addition, the city monitors high weeds and grass in Fishers neighborhoods to support the health and vitality of all property values.

The Fishers Ordinance 120511A (Ordinance), adopted in 2012, regards grass, weeds, or other rank or useless vegetation that exceeds a height of eight inches (as measured from the ground), or any vegetation that harbors insects or disease constituting a hazard to life, health, or property.

The Ordinance does not apply to wetlands, woods, nature preserves, undeveloped areas, storm water best management practice areas, or agricultural crops such as hay and pasture.


The Permitting and Inspection Division is responsible for enforcing the Ordinance. The notice and enforcement process is as follows:

  • Notice of violation is given to current tenant/property owner
  • Property owner has five days to amend the violation
  • After 7 days, the department will perform a site inspection
  • If corrected, the department will note that the property owner has come into compliance and the violation is closed and a continuous abatement notice is placed on the property stating no future notifications will be given by the city regarding violation of Ordinance. If it is found in violation again, the city will send the property to our contractor for mowing and photographs will be taken before and after mowing occurs.

If the department is required to take action, in addition to the cost incurred for moving the property, the following fines will be issued:

  • $250 – first violation
  • $500 – one previous violation
  • $750 – two or more previous violations

The department shall mail an invoice to the property owner reflecting the cost incurred by the city in mowing the property, administrative costs associated with the violation and an invoice for the appropriate fine.

Within ten days of the invoice date, the property owner shall pay to the department all amounts owed as reflected in the invoice or file a written appeal with the City Court. For more information on the appeal process, please reference section 95.23 of the Ordinance.

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