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Verizon has installed 5G small cell structures in specific Fishers neighborhoods.

Residents in proximity to the construction sites have been informed through mail, community platforms, and HOA meetings. Public input has been integrated into the planning process, with opportunities for feedback provided by the Fishers Board of Public Works and Safety. For details on specific locations, see the permit map.

5G Process & City Review 

Determination of Completion/Defects.

Within ten (10) days of receipt of an application, the permit authority shall review the application to determine if the application is complete. If the permit authority determines that an application is not complete, the permit authority shall notify the applicant in writing of all defects in the application. An applicant who receives a written notice of incompletion may cure the defects and resubmit the application within fifteen (15) days of receiving the notice. If an applicant is unable to cure the defects within the fifteen (15) day period, the applicant shall notify the permit authority of the additional time the applicant requires to cure the defects. 

Upon receiving a complete application, the City will inform the affected neighborhood/community association or property management group of a proposed permit(s). The City will coordinate a meeting to facilitate communication between the Applicant and neighborhood/community association or property management group to collaborate and provide feedback on proposed locations, suggest alternative locations for the Applicant’s consideration, and attempt to reach consensus prior to final consideration by the Permit Authority in general accordance with the following timeline: 

  • 4 Weeks Prior to Permit Authority’s Consideration: The City will contact the applicable community/ neighborhood association or property management group to establish a mandatory meeting between it and the Applicant. The City will send letters to property owners who are within 200’ of a proposed new utility pole and direct these residents to work with their community/neighborhood association or property management group to provide comments or concerns. 
  • 2 Weeks Prior to Permit Authority’s Consideration: The City will host a meeting (virtual or live) with the Applicant, applicable community/neighborhood association, or property management group to discuss the proposed residential locations and any alternative locations proposed by the community/neighborhood association or property management group. The City will document these meetings and provide a summary of its content to the Permit Authority. The parties’ failure to reach consensus during the meeting will result in the Permit Authority making its final determination based on the standards outlined herein. 
  • Permit Authority’s Final Consideration: The Residential Waiver will generally be considered within 4 weeks of the Applicant’s submission of a complete waiver application. 

5G Webinar for Neighborhoods & Residents

5G/Fiber Deployment

In September 2018, the FCC adopted a declaratory ruling outlining:

  • Prevention of actions that materially inhibit the installation of 5G facilities
  • Reasonable, non-discriminatory fees associated with permitting of the facilities
  • The ability for local governments to have input on the exterior design of the facilities
  • A set “shot clock” to ensure accelerated deployment of the facilities

The City of Fishers is required to allow 5G deployment by the ruling of the FCC. As a result, the City identified a resident-led process for 5G cell tower deployment. On August 10, 2020, the Public Works and Safety Board adopted a resolution streamlining the process for all parties involved. In-ground fiber installation occurs in public rights of way through a targeted trenching construction process.  




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