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Deputy Mayor Elliott Hultgren

Elliott Hultgren was appointed deputy mayor in June 2018.

As Deputy Mayor of Administration, Hultgren focuses on ensuring the organization’s internal operations are meeting the needs of both the city’s residents and employees. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, he is involved in a variety of the City’s strategic initiatives and community-wide projects.

Prior to working at the City of Fishers, Hultgren spent nearly seven years as an active duty naval officer, and continues to affiliate with the Navy Reserves serving as a Lieutenant Commander. He has completed deployments to Southeast Asia, Iraq, and the Horn of Africa. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and received his MBA from the University of Hawaii. Hultgren lives in Fishers with his wife, Adrianne, and their four children Jamison, Lani, Sawyer, and Murphy.

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