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Local Business Spotlight: Spokenote

Spokenote – and its founder John Wechsler – have become intrinsically linked with Fishers. A Fishers resident and longtime entrepreneur, Wechsler co-founded Launch Fishers in 2012 and the coworking space continues to make a major impact on the Fishers business and start-up scene. He later launched tech startup Spokenote from Fishers in 2021, and he is proud to live, work and play here – and encourages others to do the same.

Spokenote aims to become this generation’s sticky note, marrying the little joy of a note with the modern appeal of a quick, personalized video linked together by a QR code. Thanks to Fishers’ concerted efforts to attract and retain talent and spark innovation, Spokenote feels equipped by the city to grow its business offerings and workforce – a major goal for 2024. The company has already made a big splash this year with the announcement of its partnership with the Indiana Pacers and helping them become the first major professional sports franchise in the country to use a QR code patch on their jerseys, which fans can scan to watch unique Pacers content.

“Everyone buys into this mission of Fishers being an entrepreneurial city and when you look at the ripple effect, you know that everything that’s being done keeps this mission at its core,” said Wechsler. “To me personally, it tells me we’re in a place that really embraces the entrepreneur and that’s what gets me excited.”

For more than a decade, Wechsler has worked hand-in-hand with Fishers’ leadership to establish the city’s “smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial” tagline in ways that he expects will have staying power for generations to come. Building budding tech companies like Spokenote is redefining the way the rest of the country sees Fishers, sparking a domino effect and inspiring more companies and top talent to grow roots here.

“Fishers is very hospitable for entrepreneurs and innovators,” said Wechsler. “We offer so much in terms of critical mass to the entrepreneur that we’re just attracting more and more every week.”

With a growing buzz about other future collaborators, it’s safe to say Spokenote is sticking around.