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The City of Fishers offers a Deferral Program for some cases.

To begin the deferral process, first determine if you have been charged with a violation of a State statute (infraction) or a city ordinance. This information can be found on your ticket (see below for more information). 

Electronic Ticket

Handwritten Ticket

City Ordinance Deferrals

Violations of Fishers City Ordinances are handled by the Fishers City Attorney. Submit a Fishers Deferral Program Application

Once accepted into the program, you will receive an email with a packet of information on how to file the deferral agreement with the court. Once the agreement is filed and fees are paid, you do not have to appear at the initial hearing. Questions? Contact us by email

*Please note that if you apply for the deferral program, you cannot pay the citation during the processing of your deferral application. If you do, your payment is treated as an admission and makes you ineligible for the deferral program. If your deferral application is denied, you will then have an opportunity to either pay the citation or contest the citation at trial. 

**Even if you have contacted the city attorney or prosecutor about the Deferral Program, you must attend all court hearings if you have not been accepted into the program. 

State Infraction Deferrals

Violations of State Statute are handled by the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney. Find information regarding the Prosecutor’s Infraction Deferral Program

state deferral eligible