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city of fishers 2024 budget

2024 City of Fishers Budget

Fishers City Council approved the proposed 2024 Fishers City Budget at the October City Council meeting.

See the 2024 Budget Presentation (PDF), read the press release, and view the budget infographic

Budget Highlights

  • Lowest tax rate among cities in Hamilton County 
  • 3rd straight year of tax rate decreases 
  • Increased investments in neighborhood vibrancy, including sidewalk repair and trail connectivity 
  • Continued investment in public safety and critical services 
  • First-ever investment in teachers and classrooms with teacher innovation grants 

2024 Projects

Spotlight on the 2024 Budget

Historic Investment in Neighborhoods

Increased Investment in Road Infrastructure

1st-Ever Investment in School Innovation

Continued Investment in Public Safety & Critical Services 

  • 3 new firefighters, 3 new police officers, 2 SROs, & 1 forensic tech 
  • 1 new health inspector & 1 new public health nurse 

Current Budget Resources

Previous Budget Resources

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Teacher Innovation Grants