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Fishers Utilities Forms & Permits

Before starting work on your property, transferring service, or researching standards, you or your contractor may require certain permits and forms. On this page, you will find some of the more common permits and forms you or your contractor may need. 


The City of Fishers processes all related forms and permits online through the forms below. 

Sanitary Sewer 

Drainage Easements

Storm Sewer Tap

FOG Program

Design Flows 

  • Average: 10 mgd (million gallons per day) 
  • Peak Daily: 20 mgd 
  • Raw Wastewater Characteristics:  Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD):  166 mg/L (milligrams per Liter), Total Suspended Solid (TSS) 272 mg/L, Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N) 33 mg/L and Total Phosphorus (TP) 5.5 mg/L 
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): 175 mg/L (milligrams per liter). Total suspended solids (TSS): 210 mg/L Nitrogen (NH-3N) 25 mg/L. 

Effluent Quality Limits 

Characteristic Summer LimitWinter Limit
Biochemical Oxygen Demand 20.0 mg/L 25.0 mg/L 
Total Suspended Solids 24.0 mg/L 30.0 mg/L 
Ammonia 2.5 mg/L 5.0 mg/L 
Dissolved Oxygen Greater than 5.0 mg/L Greater than 4.0 mg/L 
ph6 to 9 6 to 9 
E-coli 125 / 100 mL 0 mL 
Total Phosphorus 1 mg/L 1 mg/L 

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