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Pay a Traffic Ticket

To admit to your charge(s), please sign your copy of the ticket and submit it to the court with your payment by mail, in person, or pay your ticket online. A Deferral Program is available for some cases.  

Need to pay a City Ordinance ticket? Visit the Non-Traffic Ordinance Violations Bureau page. 

Court Payments

  • Wait 7 days after receiving a ticket to make a payment. 
  • Your ticket must not be a mandatory appearance. See the list of mandatory appearances.
  • The court is closed on city holidays. 
  • By paying a ticket without appearing in court, you are admitting or pleading no contest to the violation. This has the same effect as a judgment of the court, and a record of the judgment will be sent to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or to the equivalent agency in the state where you are licensed to drive. 
  • Payments must be made in full before court date. Need more time or payment plans? Appear in court to make arrangements. 

Mandatory Appearances

  • Driving While Suspended
  • Operating without Proof of Financial Liability
  • Speeding 16+ over posted limit; neighborhoods under 71.19
  • Speeding 26+ mph over posted limit all other violations
  • Driver under 18 years of age (must appear with parent or guardian)
    • exception; drivers under 18 who are charged with seat belt violations do not need to appear.
  • School Bus Stop Arm Violations
  • Speeding in Work Zone While Workers Are Present
  • Learner’s Permit Violations

Fishers City Court Traffic Fines Schedule

Effective April 2, 2024

If Paid On/Before First Court Date 

Disregarding Automatic Signal$105.50 $139.50 $245.00 
Disregarding Traffic Control Devices $105.50 $139.50 $245.00 
Disregarding Stop Sign $105.50 $139.50 $245.00 
Speeding Violations 
1-15 mph over posted limit $45.50 $139.50 $185.00 
16-25 mph over posted limit $65.50 $139.50 $205.00
School Zone, 1-15 mph over posted limit $55.50 $139.50 $195.00 
School Zone, 16-25 mph over posted limit $75.50 $139.50 $215.00 
Speeding Neighborhood 1-15 mph over posted limit$65.50 $139.50 $205.00 

Schedule of Fines & Costs for Violations of State Statute

Speeding Violations 
1-15 mph over posted limit $25.50 $139.50 $165.00 
16-25 mph over posted limit $35.50 $139.50 $175.00 
26+ mph over posted limit Must appear$139.50 
Other Violations 
Equipment Violations $26.00 $139.00$165.00 
Seat Belt Violation $25.00 None $25.00 
Expired Plates* $26.00 $139$165.00 
Expired Drivers License* $26.00 $139$160.00 
Child Restraint Violation $26.00 None $25.00 
Illegal Handicapped Parking $100.00 None $100.00 
All Other State Infractions Where Appearance is Not Mandatory $35.50 $139.50 $170.00 

*For Expired Registration and Expired Driver’s license violations, if the defendant shows proof of issuance of a valid registration or valid license, the Clerk may assess and accept Court costs of $135.00. No fine is assessed.

How to Pay


  • Ensure your violation doesn’t require a court appearance. 
  • Pay online here. (Convenience fees: $4 +2% of total; non-refundable). 
  • Pay the exact fine. Partial payments or wrong amounts may be rejected.

By Mail

  • Only money orders or cashier’s checks accepted (no cash or personal checks), payable to Fishers City Clerk  
  • Address: 
    Fishers City Court 
    City Services Building 
    3 Municipal Dr. 
    Fishers, IN 46038

In Person

  • Visit: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (except holidays) at the City Services Building (3 Municipal Drive). 
  • Acceptable payments: Cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks (no personal checks) 
  • Note: Wait 7 days after ticket issue. No credit cards in-person.